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Planting and Growing Herbs  PEOPLE have used herbs for their culinary and healing properties for centuries. Today, herbs remain as popular as ever. Cooks love the unique flavors that herbs lend to all kinds of food and drink. Herbalists treasure the healing qualities of certain flowers, leaves and roots. Herbal crafters preserve the beauty and fragrance of flowers and leaves in potpourri, wreaths, sachets and dried arrangements. And gardeners value herbs for all their excellent qualities, including their vigor, low maintenance and natural resistance to pests. When most of us think of herbs, we picture the common kitchen seasonings, such...

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If you want to look like you’ve taken your garden to the next level of design, ornamental alliums are the answer. Planting a few bulbs in the fall will create a mini-sculpture garden in the spring that will not only last while the flowers are fresh, but continue into summer as the flowers dry in place. The single globes float above the surrounding garden and are made up of tiny, individual flowers on thin, hollow stems. They’re easy, very hardy, and with basal (ground level) foliage that is rapidly covered by other growing perennials, you won’t face the “what to...

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