SURPISE PACK - Mixed Non Fruiting Free Seeds (Ornamental, Flowering Trees, Non-Flowering Trees, Evergreen), Organic, non-GMO B5

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Count: 5 seeds per packet

Seeds Mix May Includes: (each packet may contain seeds from below fruit) The photos are an example of types but don't represent what is in the packet, as that changes based on the availability of the seeds.

Fruitless mulberry.
Idaho locust. Hedge maple. Red maple. Zelkova elm. Magnolia grandiflora. White Dogwood Arborvitae Trees Bamboo Trees Cypress Trees Fern Pine Trees Holly Trees Juniper Trees Palm Trees Pine Trees Spruce Trees Thuja Trees Azaleas Boxwood Shrubs Holly Bushes Gardenias Camellia Shrubs Laurel Shrubs Rhododendrons Sky Pencil Holly Tea Olive Shrubs Wax Myrtle Bush Cherry Blossom Trees Crabapple Trees Crape Myrtles Dogwood Trees Flowering Pear Trees Flowering Plum Trees Lilac Trees Magnolia Trees Redbud Trees Rose Trees Cassia Tree Jacaranda Tree Hong Kong Orchid Peanut Butter Tree Pink Silk Floss Tree Royal Poinciana Tree Areca Palm Bottle Palm Cardboard Palm Canary Island Date Christmas Palm Coconut Palm European Fan Palm Fishtail Palm Lady Palm Majesty Palm Mexican Fan Palm Needle Palm Parlor Palm Pindo Palm Ponytail Palm Pygmy Date Queen Palm Sago Palm Sylvester Palm Windmill Palm Aspen Trees Ash Trees Birch Trees Elm Trees Ginkgo Trees Japanese Maples Maple Trees Poplar Trees Oak Trees Willow Trees Cassia Tree Crabapple Trees Flowering Cherry Trees Flowering Pear Trees Flowering Plum Trees Jacaranda Tree Mimosa Trees Poinciana Trees Pink Silk Floss Tree Royal Poinciana Tree Camellia Shrubs Cotoneaster Firebush Golden Euonymus Holly Shrubs Boxwood Shrubs Bottlebrush Nandina Indian Hawthorn Laurel Shrubs FLOWERING SHRUBS Azalea Shrubs Barberry Camellia Encore Azaleas Gardenia Shrubs Hibiscus Hydrangea Shrubs Rose of Sharon Althea Roses Weigela PRIVACY SHRUBS Rhododendrons Snowball Bush Viburnum Ornamental Grasses Tea Plant Tri-Color Willow Loropetalum Lilac Shrubs Forsythia Burning Bush Croton Plants Dieffenbachia Dracaena Plants Ficus Trees Fiddle-Leaf Fig Monstera Palms Snake Plants Philodendron Umbrella Trees PATIO PLANTS Rose Trees Citrus Trees Avocado Trees Olive Trees Banana Trees Bougainvillea Plants Gardenias Lilacs Dwarf Italian Cypress Palm Trees