SOUTHERN BLUEBERRY Non-GMO Organic Fruit Tree Seeds B25

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Count: 25
Early season variety High yields of firm, juicy berries Showy, pink-to-white flowers * EVERGREEN SHRUB * HIGH TOLERANCE TO HEAT *

Delight your senses with this southern highbush that produces firm, juicy blueberries—and doubles as an ornamental. The vigorous, fast-growing plants grow up to 6 ft. tall and produce medium to large, sweet berries early in the blueberry season—even in the hottest Southern climates. Misty Southern Highbush Blueberry Plant has attractive, blue-green foliage and flowers that start pink and turn white. It's very popular with home gardeners. While self-pollinating, the plants produce larger yields when other blueberry plants are planted for cross-pollination. Ripens in June. Zones 5-10.

Southern Blueberry seeds . Evergreen shrub , fruit is a berry blue/black waxy appearance . A high tolerance to high summer temps . Drought tolerance , delivers superior fruit quality . Also grown as ornamental