Rare Tropical Giant Phyllostachys Pubescens Moso-Bamboo Tree Seeds for Planting B10

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FUN AND EASY: Seeds of the rare and exotic Giant Bamboo, Moso

FAST GROWING: The fastest growing Bamboo, get privacy or windbreak fast!

GROW TIPS: Run your sink hot water and get it as warm as possible. Fill a cup halfway up. Place the seeds in the hot water and then let them soak for 24 hours. Bamboo loves heat to germinate. Over 80 degrees is optimal for germination.

Count: ~10
Phyllostachys Pubescens Moso-Bamboo Cold Hardy To 30 F Scientific name: Phyllostachys heterocycla (Carr.) Mitford cv. Pubescens Tree height: 10-20m / 33-66ft Plant Spread: 6 Feet Soil Moisture: Constantly moist Sunlight: hot overhead sun to dappled light Design: Suits contemporary, oriental & tropical designs Garden Type: clumping bamboo Plant Seasonality: Evergreen Sowing time: autumn or spring

Visually interesting, canes turn green to black during the growing season. The hardiest of all black bamboo species. Slower to expand with minimal control efforts needed.

Planting Instructions:

Boil a cup of water and then let it cool to room temperature. Take a Ziploc bag and fold a paper towel to fit in the bottom. Take your water and add it to your ziploc bag on the paper towel. Just enough water to get the paper towel good and wet. Put 10-15 seeds in there and blow up the bag and seal it

Just leave them in there until they sprout. You can just set the bag on top of the refrigerator. After they sprout, once a week blow fresh air into the bag and reseal it. When they are about 2-3 inches tall their roots will be growing into the paper towel.

Don't pull the plant and roots out of the paper towel; you will want to cut the paper towel so the roots stay in the paper towel. Transplant into vermiculite and peat moss mix with the roots still in the paper towel.

Sowing Way:

1. Soak the seed with water for half hour, then disinfect the seed with 0.3% potassium permanganate for 2 to 4 hours

2. Clean the seed with water and soak them for 24 hours

3. Take out the seed and dry them for 1 to 2 hours

4. Dig a few small holes in the soil, then sow 3 to 4 seeds in each hole, cover with soil about 0.75in

5. Cover with straw and sprinkle profoundly water

6. Keep the soil wet and weed during germination.

7. It can be transplanted after the seedling grows up 10 to 15cm (4 to 6").