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Purple Love­grass
Ornamental Grass Seeds
Eragrostis spectabilis Purple Lovegrass features tousled clumps of wiry, light blue-green leaves topped in late summer through fall by fine, billowy, 2 ft. tall and wide clouds of rosy-purple spikelets. Plants are especially striking when planted in drifts.

Grass Specifications Season: Perennial USDA Zones: 5 - 10 Height: 20 inches Width: 18 inches Foliage Color: Light green Flower Color: Bright rose-red Growth Rate: Moderate Fall Color: Bronzy Soil Requirement: Tolerates poor, dry soils, pH 5.8 - 6.8 Environment: Full sun Deer Resistant: Yes Moisture Requirements: Average to dry Latin Name: Eragrostis spectabilis

Planting Directions Temperature: 68 - 72F Average Germ Time: 14 - 21 days Light Required: Yes Depth: Do not cover seed. Lightly press in to soil Sowing Rate: 3 seeds per plant Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination Plant Spacing: 18 inches Care & Maintenance: Love Grass

Purple Love Grass (Eragrostis spectabilis) - One of the most well-known and popular ornamental grasses, Purple Love Grass, is easily propagated by ornamental grass seeds. This grass is a native to the United States and is found on sandy, disturbed, or infertile soils. Eragrostis spectabilis Purple Love Grass blooms summer through fall and the purple frothiness of the flowers look their best planted in-mass next to gray foliaged plants or yellow flowered plants for contrast. This ornamental grass is great for a natural look or wildlife garden. Eragrostis provides nesting cover for ground birds and attracts butterflies. The foliage turns a pretty red-bronze in fall. Grow the grass in beds, borders or in containers.

Purple Lovegrass is an extremely heat and drought tolerant clumping grass that thrives in challenging garden situations like heavy air pollution and proximity to black walnut trees. Purple Lovegrass is Native to most states in the U.S. and parts of Mexico. Winter hardy to zone 5.

How To Grow Purple Love Grass From Ornamental Grass Seed: Lovegrass seed can be sown either indoors in the late winter or directly outside. The ornamental grass seed is small, press the seed into the soil but do not cover it. Keep the Purple Love Grass seed moist until germination. Once established, the plants are very drought tolerant and are suitable for xeriscaping. Purple Love Grass care includes cutting the grass back in winter to prepare for spring growth.

Plant Purple Lovegrass Seeds: Sow Purple Lovegrass seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil — do not cover. Needs light to germinate. Keep soil evenly moist. Kept at 66-74° F., germination is in 14-21 days. Can be direct sown in groups of 3 seeds, spaced 18 to 24 inches apart. Thinning seedlings is not required.

Grow Purple Lovegrass: Full sun preferred. Grow in well-drained soil with average to little water. Purple Lovegrass is a low maintenance plant which tolerates poor soil, heat, and drought, and is highly resistant to deer and rabbits. Salt tolerant - can thrive in coastal gardens, or along roads which are salted in winter.

Dig Deeper: The Inflorescence of Purple Lovegrass is beautiful in dried arrangements. Handsome seed heads attract birds. Use Purple Lovegrass in mixed borders, containers, rock gardens, near foundations or as garden accents. When massed in the landscape, plants are stunning. Purple Lovegrass is commonly employed for erosion control on exposed slopes or banks. Cut to the ground in late winter or early spring to provide room for new growth. Spreads slowly by rhizomes. Self sows. Purple Lovegrass is native to the U.S. from Wyoming to Maine in the North, from Arizona to Florida in the South. Purple Lovegrass grows beautifully with Prairie Blues Little Bluestem, and Happy Star or Ruby Star echinacea.

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