POSUWAEGEH BLUE CORN, Organic, Heirloom, Non-Gmo B15

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110 days. This Native American heirloom corn from Pueblo Pojoaque (pronounced P ō ‘hwä k a) in northern New Mexico, is traditionally grown to make blue corn atole. Po’suwaegeh is the Tewa name for “Place where there is abundant water.” There is actually such a place, about 20 miles north of Santa Fe, in a valley running into the Rio Grande, where an ancient pueblo that had almost disappeared found its place of rebirth. Growing Po’suwaegeh Blue corn played a pivotal role in the revival of this community. The Pueblo at Pojoaque and Baker Creek Seeds are proud to share this treasure with gardeners and farmers. Strong and tall stalks bear 10 to 12 inch ears with deep blue kernels. If you like the idea of growing Baker Creek’s Oaxacan Green dent corn, then including Po’suwaegeh Blue corn in your order is a must!

Count: ~15
110 Days Full Sun Sprouts in 7-10 Days Seed Depth: 1-2" Ideal Temperature: 75-80 F Plant Spacing: 12" Plant Height: 4-5' Frost Hardy: No Zea mays Growing Tips: Direct sow into the richest soil available 1-2 weeks before last spring frost. Succession planting prolongs harvest; planting in blocks improves pollination.