Organic Fennel- Seeds To Sprout Seed, Foeniculum vulgare - Heirloom Medicinal Herbs Non-GMO B150

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100% sprouting seeds of fennel from organic agriculture.

Both the flavorful, crunchy bulb and aromatic seeds of the fennel plant are highly nutritious and may offer an abundance of impressive health benefits. Adding them to your diet may improve heart health, reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and even provide anticancer effects.

Count: ~150+
Recommended Uses: Culinary Self-seeding annual. 75-90 DAYS Requirements: Full sunlight. Good drainage. 6-12 hrs of Sun Sprouts in 7-14 Days Ideal Temperature: 60-70 F Seed Depth: 1/4" Plant Spacing: 12" Frost Hardy: Yes Foeniculum vulgare

Less likely to prematurely bolt or yellow Produces plump, juicy, flavorful bulbs Easier to grow than older varieties

Green feathery tops, very round white bulbs. Medium-fast growth.Habit Dwarf and Upright. Excellent resistance to bolting or yellowing. Deliciou aniseed flavour.

Fennel produces large, plump, juicy bulbs with a delicious anise flavor. The bulbs add a refreshing flavor to summer salads and are also good steamed, braised, grilled, boiled or sautéed. We also like adding them to soup. An improvement on older types, Fennel is suitable for intermediate-day growing areas and less likely to prematurely bolt or yellow. It's also easier to grow and less sensitive to stressors, such as heat, lack of water and extreme temperatures changes. .

Fennel seed is a perennial herb originally found in Southern Europe. Starwest Botanicals' fennel seed is certified organic and kosher. The fennel plant is in bloom from July to October; once the flower has blossomed its seeds can be harvested and dried to be used year-round. Often times the oil from the seeds is extracted for use in cooking or flavoring.

Our fennel Seeds contain bright flavor with hints of licorice, adding a unique taste to a wide range of foods. Best of all, these tasty seeds are Organic, and non-GMO, making them all natural and high quality. Use them in meat rubs, tossed in salad, baked in bread, or mixed with veggies.

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