Orange Sulphur Sunrise Cosmos Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds Non GMO Bin # 100

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Cosmos sulphureus, This one stole the show in our gardens. Planted in a row, the bushy plants grew into a 4-5' hedge covered in countless orange blossoms. Starts blooming in early summer, and keeps going until the frost. The foliage is unique; leaves are broader than most cosmos varieties. Bee and butterfly favorite.

1 package contains 100+ count seeds.

This is the classic "sulfur" or simply, "orange" cosmos that is often cited as one of the most stunning of all the meadow wildflowers. An extremely vigorous, resilient, and colorful flower, it is a favorite of both home gardeners and US state Department of Transportation, which plant it in abundance along the highways and bi-ways of the country because of its ability to dazzle. A mid to late season bloomer, it is best appreciated when planted in abundance.

Open Pollinated, Attracts Pollinators, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing, Poor Soil Tolerant, Extended Bloom Time, Cut Flower Garden

Semi-Double Saucer-Shaped Flowers, Clumping Habit, Pinnatifid Leaf Shape

Once started, cosmoses require virtually no attention. You can add a general-purpose fertilizer once or twice a season. If a plant grows very tall and is not planted in a wind-protected area, it may require staking. If you want blooms all summer long, deadhead the old blooms.

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