ONION ASSORTMENT Mix Seeds Colors Mix Onion Sets (No Bulbs) | Yellow, Red, White Sweet Onions Set For Growing Gardening Non-GMO Organic B25

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This mix of Red, Yellow, and White onions will colorize your garden! Onion Sets are a great choice for gardeners who want tasty green onions early in the growing season and storage onions later in the summer. Onions sets are extremely quick, producing mild-tasting green onions in 2-4 weeks.

Count: 25
Seeds need the most time to yield an onion crop, and you'll need to start them indoors. Sow onion seeds indoors 10 weeks before the last average frost date for your region. Separate seedlings at planting time.

Time to Germination---Seeds will germinate in 4-10 days when started indoors.

When to Transplant ---Transplant outdoors just before the last frost.

Spacing Requirements--- When transplanting your seedlings, space them at least 6 inches apart. Plant onion seedlings in the least weedy part of your garden; onion seedlings are small and do not compete well with weeds.