MONTANA LAVENDER CLAY Corn, Organic, Heirloom, Non-Gmo B10

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A stunning lavender-colored flour corn with long slender 8-12 inch long ears in an attractive pastel shade that produces silky, soft cornmeal. This vigorous and early producing corn was bred by Ed Schultz of Montana. Ed has made a name for himself as an expert corn breeder with great knowledge and respect for the Native American corn varieties that he loves to works with. One look at the unmistakable lavender kernels shows that this blended Native American variety is descended from the lavender parching corn of the Mandan tribe. In 1808, Thomas Jefferson received seeds of a lavender-colored, Mandan Red Clay corn; he reported that the seeds were given to him by Lewis and Clark from their 1804 contact with the Mandan tribe in present day North Dakota. Schultz has taken the lovely lavender-clay color and rugged cold hardiness of Mandan corn while making for more slender and uniform ears and short, stout plants. A stellar feat of breeding from a solid foundation of superlative ancient genetics.

Count: 10
Full Sun Sprouts in 7-10 Days Seed Depth: 1-2" Ideal Temperature: 75-80 F Plant Spacing: 12" Frost Hardy: No

Growing Tips: Direct sow into the richest soil available 1-2 weeks before last spring frost. Succession planting prolongs harvest. Planting in blocks improves pollination.