Mixed (Hot and Sweet) Huge Varieties Organic Heirloom Pepper Non-GMO Seeds Bin#25

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Get your hands on the Hot and not so hot Mix Pepper and find out what other varieties you can grow in the comfort of your garden or home!

A list of some of them will be listed below and we are offering them in this incredible package deal! Open-pollinated mixed varieties of seeds. 100% NON-GMO. Guaranteed Fresh, Vegetable Gardening Seeds

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Heat Level: Varies in heat, Ranges from Sweet, Mild to Super-Hot Days to Harvest: 60+ Days # of Seeds per Packet: 25+ Pepper Seeds

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost date in your area. Soak seeds in water for 4 days prior to sowing. Cover flats with a humidity dome to retain moisture and set in an 80-85°F location. Harden seedlings off gradually and transplant to a sunny garden location after all danger of frost is past and the weather is settled. For best results when starting seeds indoors use Seed Starting Mix and Trays. 10-12 Days for seeds to germinate from the date of sowing. 60-80 Days to maturity from the date of sowing your seeds. Germination rate 95%

Since most of these varieties are perennials, you can prune them and bring to the garage or cover them outside as they will come back stronger next year. Do not forget to harvest some seeds from them since they will be more adapted to your climate.

Store Seeds: Store seeds away from children, sealed in their packaging in a cool, dry, dark place, or in a fridge. Never store them in a freezer as the sudden temperature drop is likely to kill them. Don't leave the seeds in direct sunlight as the heat generated may kill them. Our seeds are guaranteed to germinate. Once the seeds have sprouted, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions that must be met to ensure the success of your crop(s). I try my best to make my buyers happy and would appreciate it if you'd contact me first if you have any questions or problems with your order. If you open a case before contacting me first, I will automatically block you from future purchases. Thank you for your understanding.

FREE GIFT when you order 5 items or more. Free gift is full of surprise seeds which may include single or mixed varieties.

Species: Variety of peppers. We do NOT make any claims that you will receive all 250+ seed varieties since we have no way of knowing which are which. 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Yellow, 7 Pot original red, Aji Charapita, Atomic Starfish, Aji Habanero, Apocalypse Scorpion, Aribibi Gusano, Antillais Caribbean, Aji Dulce Sweet Rolo, Aji Cito, Aji Panca, Aji Margaritino Orange, Aji Peanut, Aji Penec, Aji Amarillo, Albanian Red Hot, Alma Paprika, Aruba, Ancho San Luis, Anaheim Hot, Ancho Pasilla, Ancho Chile, Ancho L, Aurora, Bolivian Rainbow, Balloon, Banana Sweet, Bico Roxa, Beaver Dam Hot, Bell of Göllü, Bishop Crown, Broome Chile, Baccatum Pea, Bangalore Torpedo, Bhut Jolokia Orange , Bhut Jolokia Red , Bhut Jolokia White, Birds Eye , Black Panther, Buena Mulata, Bonda Ma Jacques, Bode Amarella, Butch T Reaper Scorpion, Brown Bhutlah, Black Bhutlah, Black Prince, Bulgarian Ratund, Bulgarian Carrot, California Wonder Sweet, Chocolate Congo, CAP 1530, California Wonder yellow, California Reaper, California Wonder, Caloro, Carmen, Carolina Reaper, Cascabella Chile, Cayenne Golden, Cayenne Joe's Long, Corbaci, Criolle, Caribbean Habanero, Cayenne Large Thick, Cayenne Long Thin, Cayenne Purple, Chilpaya Tuxtlas, Cayenne Sweet, CGN20812-PI 159233, CHARAPITA, Cherry, Chinese 5, Chipotle, Chimayo, Corno di toro giallo, Costeno Rojo, Chilhuacle Negro, Cowhorn, Chile Pequin, Chile Releno, Chile de arbol, Criolla De Cocina, Chilaca mexican, Czech black, Corno di Toro, Cheiro Roxa, Costa rican chili, Cubanelle Sweet, Chipotle, Carrot Bomb, Datil, Dante's hot, Dedo de moca, Devil Yellow, Dong Xuan Market, Devil’s Tongue Red, Dulce Marrón (PL), Defcon 7, Dedo de Moca, Dragon's toe, Dalle Khursani, Dynamite xxhot green chile, Ethiopian Brown Berbere, Fatalii yellow, Fatalii red, Feherozon, Fresno Chile, Fish, Firecracker, Fushimi, Filius, Friariello, Fushimi, Feher ozon, Georgia flame, Georgescu Chocolate, Giant Aconcagua, Goat CGN22794-PI260595, Goat’s weed, Gator Jigsaw, Goliath Bell, Genghis Khan Brain, Guam Boonie, Giant Aconcagua, Grenada Seasoning, Gypsy Sweet, Guajillo, Habanero Caribbean Red, Habanero Chocolate, Habanero Lemon, Habanero Mustard, Habanero Peach, Habanero Pimiento Orange, Ho Chi Minh, Hot Portugal, Habanero small White, Habanada, Holiday Cheer, Holy mole, Hot sunset f1, Hinkelhatz Hot OG, Hot Beads, Hungarian Black, Indian Jwala, INDIAN P-C1 (ASIAN HOT), Jalapeno CP 085, Jalapeño Early, Jalapeño Mild, Japones, Hatch Red, Jalapeños Cracked, Japones, Jimmy Nardello's, King of the North, Kerinting, Komodo Dragon, Lemon Drop, Lipstick, Lilac Lavender Bell, Lesya, Leutschauer, Mad Hatter, Madame Jeanette Yellow, Malaysian Goronong, Manzano Orange, Manzano Yellow / Red, Marbles hot, Marconi Giant, Maule's Red Hot, McMahon's Texas Bird, Melrose sweet frying, Mirasol, Mini-Bell Yellow Stuffing, Manganji, Murusaki, Morita, Monster Bell Yellow, MULATO ISLEÑO, Mushroom Red, Nagalah Red, Numex big jim, Nadapeno, Nokturn, Ozark Giant, Padron, Paper Lantern, Paprika Alma, Pasilla Bajio, Peter, Pepperoncini, Peru Scarlet Lantern, Piri Piri, PI 441598, Pippin's golden honey, Piquillo, Pimoento Sheepnose, Poblano ancho gigantea, Rewia, Rocotillo, Ristra Cayenne, Rocoto Canario, Scotch Bonnet Big Sun, Serrano, Santa fe grande, Shishito Chile Pepper, Sazonadores Eachunch, Trinidad scorpion yellow, Txorixero, Tabasco, Tobago, Thai, Tombstone Ghost, Yellow Mushroom, Zavory