Greybelle Watermelon Seeds, Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, Open air Pollinated B25

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Greybelle Watermelon Seeds. 80-90 days. Non GMO. Annual. Heirloom. Open Pollinated. Citrullus lanatus. Non GMO Greybelle watermelon seeds are ready to harvest in 80-90 days as 15-20 pound fruits that are very round with deep red flesh and light greenish-grey rind with fine green veining. Heirloom Greybelle watermelon is resistant to Anthracnose 1, Fusarium Wilt, are drought tolerant and resistant to sunburn

Count: ~25+
Sow outdoors 4 weeks after the average last frost date and harvest in 90 days Annual for all growing zones from 1-11. Sunlight exposure = full-sun High Sugar Content and Very Sweet Prefers Full Sun Exposure and Warm Weather Open Pollinated.

Greybelle was introduced in 1963 by the USDA by crossing Sugar Baby and Charleston Grey. Watermelon is a full sun favorite best sown directly after spring frost but, for earliest starts, begin indoors 3-4 weeks prior. Plant 1-2 Greybelle watermelon seeds 1 inch deep per cell or 6-8 ft apart directly in loamy, regularly moist, well-drained soil. Greybelle watermelon seeds are best grown on 8-10 inch tall mounds to accommodate long trailing vines. Plants are heavy feeders, benefiting from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer every 2-3 weeks until fruiting, then reduce nitrogen in the fertilizer.

Plant produces good yields of nearly round watermelons. It has grey green rind. The watermelons have dark pink flesh and are very sweet and delicious. watermelons average 15 lbs (7 KG). Resists sunburn. Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers.

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