Green Honeydew Melon (Cucumis melo) Seeds Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom B25

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Delicious and Nutritious, Sweet Melon. Honeydew is a delicious, colorful, high-yielding melon perfect for any home garden. Honeydews electric green fruit is sweet and juicy! Perfect off the vine, or a great addition to a late summer fruit salad!


Honeydew melons are a type of muskmelon and an incredibly popular fruit that is cultivated worldwide. These melons have a thin white skin with an interior that ranges from green to pale white. These melons are sweet with a strong melon aroma with a crisp texture that becomes succulent and velvety soft when ripe.

Full Sun
Sprouts in 7-14 Days Lifecycle: annual (vegetable) Ideal Germination Temperature: 75-85F Seed Depth: 1/2 inch Plant Spacing: 18" Frost Hardy: No Sowing Method: Transplant Plant Scientific Name: Cucumis melo var. reticulatus

100% Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, Open Air Pollinated Seeds

The honeydew melon is one of the two main cultivar types in Cucumis melo Inodorus Group. It is characterized by the smooth rind and lack of musky odor. The other main type in the Inodorus Group is the wrinkle-rind casaba melon

A honeydew has a round to slightly oval shape, It is also the same as Cantaloupe. Typically 15–22 cm (5.9–8.7 in) long. It generally ranges in weight from 1.8 to 3.6 kg (4.0 to 7.9 lb). The flesh is usually pale green in color, while the smooth peel ranges from greenish to yellow. Like most fruit, honeydew has seeds. The inner flesh is eaten, often for dessert, and honeydew is commonly found in supermarkets across the world alongside cantaloupe melons and watermelons. In California, honeydew is in season from August until October

Honeydew can be enjoyed by itself or added to many different dishes, including salad, salsa, soup or dessert. The key is choosing a ripe melon while it’s in season. Honeydew melon can be added to a wide variety of dishes, including:

Salads: Slice some honeydew into bite-sized pieces and add it to your favorite salad. Desserts: Puree the melon and use it as a base for popsicles or ice cream. Breakfast: Serve sliced melon alongside cottage cheese or blend it into a smoothie. Soups: Serve honeydew as the base of a chilled soup with peppers, mint and cucumber. Appetizers: Wrap slices of melon with cured meats or add it to a spicy salsa.

Honeydew is full of vitamins, minerals and other health-promoting plant compounds. Eating this type of melon could have several health benefits, mainly due to its rich nutrient content.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon 1. Rich in Nutrients 2. May Help Reduce Blood Pressure 3. Contains Nutrients Vital to Bone Health 4. May Improve Blood Sugar Control 5. Rich in Electrolytes and Water 6. May Support Healthy Skin 7. May Boost Your Immune System 8. May Promote Proper Digestion 9. May Support Vision and Eye Health 10. Easy to Add to Your Diet

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