Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon Seeds Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom B25

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Southern heirloom variety has been grown and loved by generations of gardeners and is still seen in the supermarket today. The large, oval fruits average 25-45 lbs.—and some can grow as large as 75 lbs. The fruits are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. They have a sweet, firm, bright rose flesh and beautifully patterned light and dark green "rattlesnake" markings on their skins. The skins are thick, so they hold up well for shipping, storage or taking to a picnic. Sometimes called the Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon, it's one of the oldest heirloom watermelon varieties

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus 'Rattlesnake'
Height: 8 - 10 inches. Spacing: 3 - 5 feet between plants, 5 - 8 feet between rows. Depth:1 - 1 1/2 inches. Spread:Vine. Light Required:Full Sun Yield: 40 fruits per 100 foot row. Color: Yellow Size: 1 Oz Blooms: Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer, All Summer Fruit: Light green skin with dark rattlesnake markings. Sweet, firm, bright rose flesh. Days To Maturity: 90 Days Zone: 3-9 Germination: 7 - 10 Days Form: Vegetable, Fruit, Watermelon Flower Form: Small yellow flowers. Soil Requirements: Sandy Soil

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