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Quail Eggs from the Springs of Edens Farms naturally raised Coturnix Quail flock! There are many amazing nutritional benefits to eating quail eggs and our eggs prove it.

Springs of Edens has only the largest and best quality Quail Eggs for sale. Our Quail Eggs are always collected daily, always fresh, and absolutely packed full of nutritional goodness.

Our Jumbo Coturnix Quail flock is naturally raised on our family farm and we never use hormones or antibiotics.

*These are not quail-hatching eggs and cannot be used to incubate quail. These are NOT fertilized quail eggs

Our quails are raised without any chemicals or antibiotics, with 100% organic fresh eggs.
Eggs are high in protein and nutrients.


-Promote Bone Strength
-Help regulate sugar levels
-Improve metabolism
-Superfood for your vision
-Great source of protein and nutrients
and many more good reasons to eat quail eggs!

This Listing is for 12 eggs package.

We’re here to work with you and to help you. Please don’t hesitate to message us with any questions that you may have!

Thank You for choosing our quail eggs and have a blessed day!