FEED and SAVE the BEES - Pollinator Fragrant Annual Perennial flower Seeds Mix - Attracts Bird, Butterflies, wild bees, honey bees #100

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This very colorful early-, mid-, and late-blooming flower mix benefits pollinators all season long. An extraordinary blend of annual and perennial flowers yields nectar and pollen for wild bees, honey bees, and other pollinators, and is suitable for short-tongued and long-tongued bees. Sow in maintained landscapes such as garden beds, borders, and managed meadows.

The declining bee population is a troubling concern for everyone, especially farmers and gardeners. Colony collapse and die-off are serious problems because we depend on bees to pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Many honey bees, our plants' life-giving pollinators, seem to be disappearing! In fact, about 1/3 of our honey bees nationwide have disappeared in just the last few years. Scientists have been concerned about this for some time, but recently the problem seems to be increasing, and it is developing into a real environmental crisis. After all, the bees pollinate almost all our food crops and flowers, so without them, plants can't form seeds and propagate themselves!

Bees are also important to animals and birds that feed on wild berries, nuts, and seeds produced by bee-pollinated plants. Though scientists are still debating the causes of bee decline, loss of habitat and food sources for wild bees may be a concern for them. That's why we've created this special mixture you can plant to be part of the solution. It's packed with honey bee-friendly long-blooming flowers and super-colorful quick-bloom flowers to make the bees work a little easier and to reduce stress on our already-stressed hives. We put together this custom mix of annual and perennial beautiful flowers and fragrant herbs proven to attract bees and other pollinating insects who will gather their pollen and feed on their nectar. The variety of colorful blooms in this mix that open from spring to fall will provide months of helpful sustenance to your local bees!

Attracting beautiful bees, birds, and butterflies to our gardens, meadows, and prairies is an essential part of gardening as a whole, so we created this special mix of 250+ different annual and perennial nectar-rich wildflowers and clovers varieties adored by bees to do just that. Fragrant and colorful, this mix will offer nectar, seeds, and respite to our winged friends who in turn will do their part to pollinate blooms and eat harmful pests. Be sure to plant this mix where you can take a stroll or park a chair to watch these beneficial members of organic farming. All regions of North America can successfully plant this wonderful mix.

Create beautiful flower arrangements from your own meadow or flower garden with our Bouquets For Wildflower Seed Mix. These easy-to-grow wildflowers will offer years of enjoyment for new and experienced wildflower gardeners alike.

The mix of Annual & Perennial Flower & Wildflower Seeds; 75% Annual, 25% Perennial Species
Open Pollinated, Non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free 100% Pure Seed, No Fillers and Neonicotinoid-free seeds A rainbow of colors, attractive to birds, bees, and butterflies Prefers full sun exposure; Suitable for ALL USDA Zones Easy to Grow & Low Maintenance Superior Germination Rates Great For Mass Plantings Good For Cut Flowers Bee Friendly Multiplies / Naturalizes Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks) Good For Cut Flowers Fragrant Flower / Foliage Annuals and perennials Early, late, and mid-blooming flowers The beautiful mix of colors Flowers provide bee forage all season

Type: Annual and perennial Seed Depth: 1/4 inch Mature Height: Various Wildflowers in this collection range from 8-84" tall (8 inches-7 feet) Light: Full sun / Half Sun / Half Shade Water: Moderate Soil: Well-drained reasonably rich USDA Zone: 2-10 When to sow: Direct sow into a well-prepared seedbed in spring. Blooming period: Late spring to late fall Count: ~100

The mix is hard working and will produce a gorgeous display of colorful blooms without needing much of your attention or time.

You can expect to receive 100% Non-GMO seeds with zero fillers. Many of the varieties are pollinators and will attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your landscape. With both annuals and perennials, this mixture will provide color in the first year and for years after.

Since this is a mix and randomly packed, you may not get all of the seeds listed below... Order more to increase your chance to get more varieties.

Pollinator Mix: African Mix Daisy, American Legion Poppy, Blue Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Bright Lights Mix Sulphur Cosmos, Bachelor Button/Cornflower, Birds Eyes, Black-Eyed Susan, Baby's Breath, Bird’s Eye Gilia, Blue Lupine, Baby Snapdragon, Bachelor Button, Candytuft, Blue Flax, Bachelor Button, Corn Poppy, Candytuft Fairy Mix, Clasping Coneflower mix, California Poppy, Columbine, Clasping Coneflower, Cosmos Mix, Godetia, Calendula Mix, Evening Primsone, Grandiflora Godetia Mix, Hollyhock mix, Hibiscus Mix, Indian Blanket, Lupine, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Mexican Hat, Marigold mix, Milkweed Mix, Northern Lights Mix Black-Eyed Susan, Rocket Larkspur Mix, Plains Coreopsis, Poppy mix, Polka Dot Mix, Phlox, Primrose, Scarlet Sage, Scarlet Flax, Shasta Daisy, Sweet Alyssum, Sweet William, Siberian Plains Coreopsis, Sunflower, Tree Mallow, Texas Bluebonnet, Toad Flax, Wallflower, White Alyssum, Yarrow mix, Forget-Me-Not, Chinese - Cynoglossum amabile, Wallflower, Siberian - Cheiranthus allionii, Poppy, California, Orange - Eschscholzia californica, Coneflower, Purple - Echinacea purpurea, Aster, China, Single Mix - Callistephus chinensis, Poppy,Corn, Mixed - Papaver rhoeas, Coreopsis, Lance Leaved - Coreopsis , lanceolata, Flax, Blue - Linum lewisii, Baby Blue-Eyes - Nemophila menziesii, Tidy-Tips - Layia platyglossa, Gilia, Globe - Gilia capitata, Indian Blanket - Gaillardia pulchella, Coreopsis, Plains - Coreopsis tinctoria, Sweet Alyssum, Tall White - Lobularia maritima, Hyssop, Lavender - Agastache foeniculum, Daisy, Fleabane - Erigeron annuus, Aster, New England - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, Bergamot - Monarda fistulosa and many more...