Exotic Rare Organic Tropical fruit seeds mix, organic, Non-GMO B5

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EXOTIC TROPICAL FRUITS MIX sweet edible plant tree fragrant fruit seed
This is a mix, not individually packaged

EXOTIC TROPICAL FRUITS MIX sweet edible plant tree fragrant fruit seeds Package of 5 seeds mixed from different species... Interesting shape and color, lots of species and varieties mixed, the package has all seeds mixed not individually labeled. This is a treasure chest of exotic fruit seeds containing the rarest and hardest to procure. If you love exotic fruits, this is the mixed seed packet for you and if you haven't tried some of these exotics, this is the perfect assortment created to meet your adventurous and refined indoor/outdoor tropical garden.

Tropical Fruit Seeds Mix May Includes: (each packet is 5 seeds from below fruit varieties)

50+ TROPICAL FRUITS YOU SHOULD GROW Starfruit Guava Sugar Apple Mix Citrus Mix Pawpaw Papaya Mix Moringa Rollinia Tamarind Custard Apple Coffee Lime Mix Banana Durian - Duren Nangka Mangosteen - Manggis Nangka JackFruit Rambutan Buluan Snake fruit (Salak) Carica Kepel Gandaria Kawista Mundu (Baros or Jawura) Matoa Rukem Bisbul Cempedak Dukuh (Lansa in East Indonesia) Rose apple (Jambu Air) Sirsak Srikaya (Soursop, Sugar Apple Java) Passionfruit (Markisa) Dragonfruit (Buah naga) Pitaya Starfruit (Belimbing) Longan (Lengkeng) Kedondong or Ambarella Sirsak or Soursop Boni Buah Buni Java plum Juwet Loquat Mango Avacado Lychees Star Apple Fig Kumquats Jackfruit Acai Goji Berry Grapes Pomegranate Persimmon Sapote Breadfruit Cactus Pear / Prickly pear Cherimoya Chayote Cocoa Bean Cucamelon Jabuticaba Miracle Fruit Noni Fruit Pomelo Santol Sapodilla Tomatillo Velvet Apple Pineberries Buddha’s Hand fruit Horned Melon/African Cucumber

and much more

The photos are an example of fruit types but don't represent what is in the packet, as that changes based on the availability of the fruits.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED TROPICAL FRUIT? Tropical fruits are grown in regions surrounding the Equator, as far north as the Tropic of Cancer and as far south as the Tropic of Capricorn. Essentially, the tropics. Think of places like Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Asia as tropical. Florida, though a little further north of the tropics, also grows lots of tropical fruit due to its subtropical climate and being surrounded by the ocean.

Some tropical fruits, such as coconut, pineapple, and bananas, are quite common. And others, such as guama and mangosteen, are a bit more difficult to find outside of their growing regions.