Dun, Dundale Pea Seeds, HEIRLOOM, non-GMO, B100

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These Non-GMO seeds are easy to plant and grow- High Germination rate!
All seeds are grown and packaged in the United States.

Count: 100 Days to Maturity: 8-12 Days to Full Maturity Germination Time: 2-3 days

Often known as "field pea" or simply "Dun pea". Dundale Pea's are quick to mature 24-48" tall as a classic vining field pea that will produce all season long while restoring essential nutrients to depleted garden soils. They are a popular cool-weather cover crop, widely grown for its nitrogen-replenishing benefits and fertile, all-natural springtime "green manure". They do best when mixed with cereal grains and/or legumes; they use the other plants for support to climb on with their upward growth. Zones 3-10 All seeds are packaged for the current growing season.

Dun Pea sprouts are crunchy and have a delicious slightly sweet fresh flavor. The same is true of microgreens/dun pea shoots. The seeds are dried, have an excellent germination rate, and can be used for food storage, garden seed, sprouting, soups, and much more. Plant dun peas in a tray of soil and grow into shoots about 3 to 5 inches high for an amazing addition to a microgreens salad.

Pea Dun microgreens contain Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, protein, fiber, omega-3, and micronutrients. They have a sweet, fresh pea flavor with a crunchy, succulent texture. They make a great addition to any salads, smoothies, and home-cooked meals.