DELOSPERMA STARDUST PURPLE Hardy Ice Plant Seeds Ground Cover Ice Plant Flower Seeds B10

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This is a great evergreen ground cover plant. Wonderful true purple flowers with a great long season from spring through fall. The olive green 6 inch high foliage, blends in well under rose bushes, around hedges, empty dirt hot spots, rock gardens, spilling out of hanging baskets and planters. A true butterfly magnet and drought-resistant ground cover once established. This ice plant grows quickly with very little maintenance if any at all. If you love purple (and some pictures do not look true purple but the flower is true) and easy this is it. Delosperma is perennial plant and are MOST COLD HARDY in drier, western climates. The seeds are very small.

Hardy Ice Plant Seeds Delosperma floribunda Vigorous, long-flowering plants that tolerate heat, humidity, and drought. Quickly covers hot, dry areas with thick, 6 in. tall, 1 ft. wide mat of succulent foliage. Two in. violet flowers with white centers appear in late spring and continue into autumn. A stunning plant, perfect for massing, or use in sunny patio pots or window boxes. Winter hardy to zone 5.

A wonderful attraction is as delicious as it is beautiful! The bright, shimmering blooms and succulent foliage of this fast-growing perennial form a beautiful flowering ground cover that is also edible and nutritious. Leaves and stems can be enjoyed raw or cooked, offering a slightly salty, delicious flavor. An excellent spinach substitute in salads! Prefers slightly dry soil once the plants are started. Enjoy this crispy treat in your garden this summer! Pelleted Seed.

Count: 10 Perennial Full Sun Sprouts in 3-21 Days Seed Depth: Surface Sow Ideal Temperature: 73-83 F Plant Spacing: 18-24" Frost Hardy: No Delosperma floribundum