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Crimson Sweet develops large 15 to 25 pound (7-11 kg.) fruits with lovely dark and light green striping and deep red flesh. The melons are oval with blunt ends and ripen just as the summer heat is beginning to sizzle. The vines are 6 to 8 feet (about 2 m.), sprawling and rambling over anything in their path.

In the sweet, juicy land of watermelons ‘Crimson Sweet’ reigns supreme. Large, round melons are beauties: light-green with dark-green stripes, and golden-yellow rinds. Heirloom’s flesh is dark-red, firm, and fine-textured. Garden Hint: Grow on mulch to control weeds, conserve soil moisture, and protect fruit by keeping it off the ground.

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds. Citrullus lanatus. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Organic Crimson Sweet watermelon seeds deliver one of the most iconic and delicious fruits of the summer garden. Ready to harvest in about three months and averaging 25 lbs, organic Crimson Sweet seeds produce a classic green flesh with sweet and crunchy red meat. Watermelon is one of the easiest crops to maintain, just keep watered in full sun up until harvest

How to Grow Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon from Seed
Watermelon seeds are a full sun favorite best if sown directly after the final spring frost but, for earliest starts, begin indoors 3-4 weeks prior. Plant 2-3 Crison sweet seeds 1" deep per individual cell or 6-8 ft apart directly in the garden in loamy, regularly moist, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-6.8.

Watermelon performs best when grown on 8-10" tall mounds of soil to ideally accommodate long, heavy trailing vines. Plants are heavy feeders, benefiting from a nitrogen-rich fertilizer every 2-3 weeks until fruiting, then reduce nitrogen in the fertilizer. Watermelon fruits are about 90 percent water and plants require heavy routine summertime watering to produce 20-30 lb melons. Smaller dwarfed types may be trellised for tighter grow spaces.

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds grow into vine-spreading tender annuals that crave the heat. Crimson Watermelon is a refreshing treat that’s easy for any gardener to grow.

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon in the Vegetable Garden Watermelon seeds are the unofficial herald of summer and, without doubt, the largest and juiciest fruit you could possibly hope for in the garden. Most popularly known as a red-flesh fruit, watermelon is also available in both yellow and orange along with a surprising selection of shape and size. Most varieties boast 20-30 lb fruits with regular watering and, like pumpkins and gourds, maybe pruned and pinched back to direct growth towards competition-size melons.

These fresh watermelon seeds are warm annuals that have a shorter growing season and produce vines that can spread 10’ long. Crimson Sweet Watermelons that are organic makes an exceptional seed variety that takes on bright ruby-red flesh and an oblong-shaped exterior.

Harvesting Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Most watermelons are ready to harvest about 90 days from sowing or when showing signs of ripeness. The most important tip to picking vine-ripened watermelon is to locate the small tendril attached to the melon on the vine. If this tendril is completely brown and dead, the melon is ripe for harvest but, if the tendril is still even slightly green, the watermelon is not ready.

Heirloom watermelon rinds will soften slightly when ripe and feel less like an impenetrable gourd. Use scissors or shears to carefully remove watermelon from the vine.

When it comes to harvesting watermelons of all types, there are some tips and tricks for scoping out ripeness. Visual cues such as checking the color on the bottom will show an off-white color if they’re still unripe. Organic Crimson Sweet watermelons will be ripe once you see more of a yellow hue. Textural signs are the classic “thump” method as well as the gentle press. For “thumping” give a light knock on the rind to hear a hollow sound which indicates full maturity.

Harvest the ripe fruit in 80 days from the sowing date. Cut the stem near the fruit with a knife or gardening shears. Uncut Crimson Sweet Watermelon can be stored in room temperature for up to 3 weeks.

About Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds Citrullus lanatus. (80-90 Days)

Crimson Sweet is true...well...sweet...with a high sugar content around 12%! This mouth watering watermelon produces 20-25 lb fruits with juicy red flesh.

Your kids will not be disappointed by the taste, but they might not win any seed spitting contest as Crimson Sweet contains very few seeds.

Crimson Sweet watermelon thrives in a wide range of climates. This watermelon is resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt. Make lots of room for crimson sweet watermelon as it spreads 6-10' growing the absolute sweetest melons of all.

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