Crenshaw Melon (Cucumis melo) Seeds Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom B25

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The Crenshaw melon is a hybrid cross between the cantaloupe and casaba melons. The Crenshaw melon is sweet in flavor and has a yellow-green appearance. This melon is softer than many other types and weighs around six pounds. 6 to 10-pound fruit ripens to the yellow outside with thick, salmon-colored flesh. An excellent source of Vitamin C.

The Crenshaw melon seeds will need full sun to thrive and can be planted indoors and transplanted outside after six weeks. Alternatively, the seeds can be directly planted outside two weeks after the last frost in the spring. The seeds should be sown one inch deep, four to six feet apart, in loose soil. While growing, the melons will need regular and even growing. When the melons have reached their full size, watering should be stopped while the melons mature. After about one hundred and ten days, the melons will be ripe and should easily slide off the vine.

Beautiful melons can weigh up to 10 Lbs and have a unique and spicy flavor. It is a hybrid between the Casaba and Persian melon with salmon colored flesh.

Count: 25
Days to Maturity: 110 days 8-12 hours of Sun Sprouts in 7-14 Days Ideal Temperature: 75-90 Degrees F Seed Depth: 1/2" Plant Spacing: 18" Frost Hardy: No Cucumis melo



Thoroughly moisten your seed-starting mix, and then fill your pots/containers to within 1/2" of the top.

Fill each little container or seed beginning cell with two or three seeds. 1/4" of dirt should be used to cover the seed.

To achieve good seed-to-mix contact, water. You may either use a plant mister or simply trickle water over the top. It's not necessary to saturate the soil; simply damp the top layer.

(You don't want to overwater the seeds and "push" them down so far that they can't germinate.)

Keep the mixture moist but not soggy. Cover pots with plastic kitchen wrap and a rubber band to keep heat and moisture in.

Place the pots in a warm, sunny spot or on top of a heat mat. (Seeds won't germinate until the soil itself is 75-80 degrees.)

Check pots daily. As soon as you see sprouts, remove the covering and place the pots in a sunny window or under grow lights, keeping the lights just an inch or two above the tops of the plants.

Melons prefer slightly sandy, very rich, well-drained soil. Be careful not to over-water vines, especially as fruit is approaching maturity.

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