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Get your hands on melons and find out what other varieties you can grow in the comfort of your garden or home!


A list of some of them will be listed below and we are offering them in this incredible package deal!
Open-pollinated mixed varieties of seeds. 100% NON-GMO Real Survival Seeds. Guaranteed Fresh, Vegetable Gardening Seeds Non Hybrid Seeds GROWN IN THE USA


A diverse gene pool mix of ultra-early, cool weather tolerant melons. Small, single serving, baseball-to-softball-sized melons vary in color (lots of green-fleshed but also some orange) as well as texture and flavor. You might not know what you’re going to get, but even the ones you’re less excited about are rather tasty.


# of Seeds per Packet: 25+ Pepper Seeds


Planting Instructions: Thrives in hot weather. Melons are ready to harvest when they easily slip off the vine when lifted. Sow seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost date in your area. Soak seeds in water for 4 days prior to sowing. Cover flats with a humidity dome to retain moisture and set in an 80-85°F location. Harden seedlings off gradually and transplant to a sunny garden location after all danger of frost is past and the weather is settled. For best results when starting seeds indoors use Seed Starting Mix and Trays. 10-12 Days for seeds to germinate from the date of sowing. 60-80 Days to maturity from the date of sowing your seeds. Germination rate 95%


Sprouts In: 7-14 days Ideal Temp: 75 - 90 F Seed Depth: 1/2 inch Plant Spacing: 4' apart Light: Full Sun Days to Harvest: 60+ Days


Species: Variety of Melons (incl watermelons). We do NOT make any claims that you will receive all 250+ seed varieties since we have no way of knowing which are which. Allsweet, Amish, Amarillo de Oro (Spain), Arancino, Ashkabad (Turkmenistan), Banana, Batekh Samara, Crane, Cavaillon Espagnol (Spain), Crenshaw, Casaba, Crenshaw, Cantaloupe Golden Summer, Charentais (France), Dune, Delice de la table, D'Alger (Algeria), De Almeria (Spain), Ethiopian, Golden Jenny, Galia, Golden Midget, Hara Madhu (India), Ha'Ogen, Healy's Pride, Honeydew Green Melon, Honey Rock Cantaloupe, Iridescent, Kajari (India), Kazakh (Kazakhistan), Kiku Chrysanthemum (Japan), Lemon Drop, Leelanau Sweetglo, Mango, Mahdu Ras (India), Noir de carmes (France), Olivin (Poland), Oregon, Queen Anne's Pocket, Petit gris de rennes, Prescott fond blanc, Piel de Sapo, Snow Leopard, Sweet Passion, Savor, Sweet Freckles, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Turkish Leopard (Turkey), Tiger, Thai Golden Round (Thailand), Thai Muskmelon (Thailand), Watermelon Crimson Sweet, White Lanzhou (China)


What is the best way to plant watermelon? Sow your watermelon seeds in pots in mid-to-late May. In order to do this, fill some pots with seed-starting formula and sow each seed at a depth of 1 inch. You should sow 2-3 seeds per pot. Keep the soil moist and warm, at a temperature of 21 – 22°C


What month do you plant watermelon? Plant watermelon from late spring to early summer, once soil temperatures reach 70° F or above. Space watermelon 3 to 5 feet apart in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8.


Sweet, fragrant, and brimming with juice, melons are the original thirst quencher. Since they’ve been cultivated for thousands of years, they come in an amazing range of sizes, colors, and shapes. The most popular type sold in the US is the orange-fleshed cantaloupe, which is actually a type of muskmelon, or netted melon. (True cantaloupes are smaller and available mostly in Europe and the Middle East.)


Other grocery-store standards include the honeydew, a reliably sweet green-fleshed melon, and of course, numerous varieties of watermelons. But increasingly, more unusual types are found in local farmer’s markets from August through early autumn.


FREE GIFT when you order 5 items or more. Free gift is full of surprise seeds which may include single or mixed varieties.


Some, such as the Charentais, with its dark orange flesh and musky aroma, don’t ship well and are best bought locally. Other exotically-named varieties you might find include the slightly spicy Crenshaw, the super-sweet white-fleshed Canary, or the aptly named Tangerine Dream watermelon.


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