Amish Melon (Cucumis melo) Seeds Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom B10

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Even in high heat, this is a reliable producer of up to 3kg, oval melons that have a rich muskmelon flavor reminiscent of days gone by. The flesh is juicy and sweet, and beautiful salmon-orange.

Can be trellised. Ready to harvest in 90 days.

A flavorful old Amish heirloom that was collected by the members of Seed Savers Exchange. It has a rich, sweet muskmelon flavor that reminds you of the way melons tasted long ago. Fruit is oval and weighs 4-7 pounds each. Flesh color is orange. A good producer!

Count 10
85-90 Days Full Sun Seed Depth: 1/2" Sprouts in 7-14 Days Ideal Temperature: 75-90 Degrees F Plant Spacing: 18" Frost Hardy: No Cucumis melo

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