American Elderberry Sambucus canadensis 5 fresh Unrooted Cuttings 6 - 8", Organic, non-Gmo 3 years old branches

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Count: 5 cuttings
Excellent for eating fresh and processing Disease resistant Self-pollinating. Zones 5-10 6-8 inches in length and vary in diameter. 100% Open Pollinated 100% Heirloom 100% Non-Hybrid 100% Non-GMO

All cut fresh to order You will receive 5 fresh cuttings

5 Fresh Black Bearing Elderberry Cuttings to Grow 5 Elderberry Plants

HEALTHY CUTTINGS: 5 Healthy Black Elderbery Cuttings from our tree nursery. MANY USES: So many uses in the kitchen that are very healthy. MADE IN USA: Hand-harvested and shipped with care GUARANTEE: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - Planting Instructions Included Get these amazing Elderberry Plants growing today!

PLEASE NOTE: Different people use different rooting methods - from dump paper in a zip-lock bag placed on top of a refrigerator to a sophisticated ultrasonic fog system. I can't provide advice and/or take any responsibility for what my buyers do with my cuttings or how they perform rooting, grafting, etc. And unfortunately, my name is not Rockefeller, meaning that I can't refund every unsuccessful rooting experiment. Thank you for your understanding and good luck to you!

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