AMARANTH Love-Lies-Bleeding Flower Seeds Organic, Non-GMO B50

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Count: 50 seeds


* Amaranth love lies bleeding or tassel flower has beautiful flowers that bloom like a narrow drooping tassel during the growing season and look spectacular!

* Amaranth love lies bleeding yields a lot of edible and nutritious seeds during the growing season.

* The very unique flowers can be used as cut flowers in vases or they can be used in dried flower arrangements!

* The leaves can be sauteed and are supposedly very tasty!

* Amaranth is a low maintenance annual that is drought tolerant and tolerant to lower sunlight levels.

Love-Lies-Bleeding is pendant amaranth with dark red, drooping tassels that hang straight down. Flower stalks can be used as everlasting in dried arrangements as it retains its color well. The species is from the tropics and is used as grain amaranth in some parts of the world. It can also be used as spinach or in a salad and is very healthy and full of vitamins. It is an old-fashioned plant that adds interest to flowers beds and borders.

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