10000000s huge Worldwide Stamp collection Lot of 100+ Albums, Glassiness, Mint and Used

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Each lot will come with 100 STAMPS (NOT the entire lot(s) in the pictures).

Hundreds (100s) Sold. Priced to sell! Worldwide stamps collections lots, lot of 100 stamps.

My prices are comparable to other high-quality mixed offers from Linn's Stamp News and other Etsy, ebay sellers.

I'm reselling my best-selling stamp searcher mixture lots!

Here's a rundown of some key points about this lot:
I discovered stamps from Asia, the British colonies, the United States, West Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, and so on), East Europe (Russia, Poland, and so on), as well as Latin America and Africa! A true global mashup.

This is a true GRAB BAG offer. There's no telling what might be in your mystery concoction!

Each lot contains over 100+ used, new, and mint stamps, making it an excellent choice for collectors or school, study, or art projects. I have NO idea on any values because these have not been evaluated.

The source material also varied in age and condition, but many of the stamps were in good condition and were older, classic stamps. Many, many of them are also fantastic modern stamps!

Please don't expect anything extremely rare, but do expect to get a variety of stamps to fill in the gaps in your collection.

All of this material was obtained from a variety of albums and album pages, glassine lots, dealer boxes and cards, stock books, stock cards, kiloware, stamp collections, bulk off paper lots, box lots, and so on. As a result of the diverse source material, you can expect to receive a wide range of countries, topics, and old or new stamps.

I'll do my best to remove any damaged junk, but there may still be some lurking in the mix. I will do my best to avoid duplicates, but because this is a mixed/sorted lot, duplicates are likely, especially if you make multiple purchases.

There were used stamps and blocks, as well as a few mint stamps, imperforate stamps, and other formats.

Some stamps will be grouped together. For example, despite being one piece, blocks count as four stamps. Similarly, pairs count as two stamps.

You are not paying by weight, but by stamp, so you will receive exactly the count, plus some extras in case any stamps are damaged during shipment or there were some damaged stamps that I did not manage to pull out.

If you have a shipping problem, please contact me first before leaving negative feedback. If your stamps haven't arrived within two weeks, please contact me. Would be willing to work it out with options such as an unconditional full refund or a free replacement, depending on your preference.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at and consider this lot!