Congo Watermelon Seeds Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom B25

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Count: ~25+
Long, Dark Green Striped Oblong Shaped Firm and Sweet Flesh has a Sugar Content of 9.4% Prefers Full Sun Exposure and Warm Weather

Citrullus lanatus (95 days) Congo Watermelon produces sweet, red-fleshed melons up to 50 pounds! Sugar test reveals sugar levels as high as 9.5% Now that is a sweet melon for a hot summer day. Congo is sure to satisfy the kids sweet-tooth and is a must at any picnic.

Congo watermelon is adapted to many growing regions and resistant to Anthracnose. Excellent watermelon for the home gardener. Perfect for market growers because the tough, striped rind resists bruising.

The Congo is an extra sweet, gorgeous heirloom watermelon, and delicious one to boot! These luscious watermelons regularly grow to 50 Pounds and above! Congo was an All-America selection winner in 1950.

The king of all watermelons, Congo Watermelon seeds are a hearty producer of high-quality, oblong melons. They're deliciously sweet, with a bright red flesh towards the center and their tough rind helps prevent bruising.

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