Pink Flowering Magnolia 5 fresh Unrooted Cuttings 6 - 8", Organic, non-Gmo

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Pink Flowering Magnolia. Covered with rosy-pink blossoms!

Count: 5 cuttings
Disease resistant Self-pollinating. Zones 5-9 6-8 inches in length and vary in diameter. 100% Open Pollinated 100% Heirloom 100% Non-Hybrid 100% Non-GMO

This listing is for Five (5) Pink Flowering Magnolia Trees, Unrooted Cuttings 6-8 inches for Propagation methods. Fresh cuttings from our vineyard. These are non-rooted cuttings sold for you to root and grow into your very own magnolias!

Spring brings gorgeous fuchsia blooms The cold-hardy Jane Magnolia blooms a bit later than many magnolia varieties, making it a perfect choice for areas where a late frost is common. And it's worth the wait - when the Jane Magnolia is ready to bloom, in late spring, it puts on a fabulous show.

The Jane Magnolia's blossoms are large and fragrant, with a soft tulip shape in shades of pink to bright fuchsia on the outside, and delicate white inside. They'll be the pride of your garden, with the kind of wow factor that will have passersby stopping to admire them.

The show's not over When the spring blossoms fall, the Jane Magnolia's leathery dark-green leaves and easy multi-stemmed habit make it a versatile choice for an accent or a border. Pruned to your desired size and shape, it's an airy, low-maintenance shrub. Without pruning, it will grow into a small tree, up to about 15 feet high. The Jane Magnolia spreads naturally into a pleasing, rounded shape. And best of all: don't be surprised when the spectacular spring bloom is followed by occasional flowers all summer long.

Covered with massesof big, rosy-pink, fragrant blossoms in mid-spring.Blooms often measure 10" across. Hardy, wellstarted and sure to grow. It is not uncommon tosee little 3' trees loaded with blooms. All choice,hand-selected potted trees. Zones 5-9. Magnolia x soulangeana

PLEASE NOTE: Different people use different rooting methods - from dump paper in a zip-lock bag placed on top of refrigerator to a sophisticated ultrasonic fog system. I can't provide advice and/or take any responsibility for what my buyers do with my cuttings or how they perform rooting, grafting, etc. And unfortunately, my name is not Rockefeller, meaning that I can't refund every unsuccessful rooting experiment. Thank you for your understanding and good luck to you!

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