Mixed Citrus Fruits Seeds, Organic, Tropical Fruit Seeds non-GMO B5

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Can’t decide on which delicious citrus gift? Why not order our mixed citrus seeds pack and receive the best of both worlds! Our delicious Grande Navel Oranges and sweet Regal Red Grapefruit arrive fresh and ready to be enjoyed right out of the box. All of our Florida, Texas and Arizona citrus seeds are taken from tree-ripened and hand-selected fruits.

Enjoy a mix of seasonal, certified organic citrus fruit seeds. Seed are packed with 5 different varieties of what's currently available and may include juicy delicious Cara Cara Navel Oranges, blood oranges, Meyer lemons, Eureka lemons, Thai Limes, Limes, mandarins, valencias, pomelos, grapefruits, tangerines or Minneola. We partner with other local, organic producers to bring you a fresh, rejuvenating mix of the best citrus seeds.

The photos are an example of fruit types but don't represent what is in the packet, as that changes based on the availability of the fruits.

Count: 5 seeds per packet

A mix of seasonal citrus fruit seeds from our organically produced groves - grapefruit, lemons and oranges galore!

Citrus Fruit Seeds Mix May Includes: (each packet is 5 seeds)


Exotic Renowned Rare organic citrus Seeds, Fresh Organic Tropical, Very Juicy Sweet Tasty, Numerous Medicinal Benefits

Fresh Organic Citrus Fruit seeds Delivered